The roommate search continues...

It's not going very well. I guess I overestimated the demand for a commuter room. Most of the people who've emailed me in response to the ad are looking for a full-time kind of rental. The two or three who are actually looking for a commuter room all have one strike or another against them.

One guy only wants the room for 3 nights a week, which is fine, except that he wants the rent prorated as well.

One guy wants to be able to let his girlfriend sleep over "a couple of times a week". Uhm.... no. I don't want overnight guests of any sort.

One girl from Japan has such a thick accent that I can hardly understand her. I should be able to communicate properly with my roommate, right?

So I threw in the towel and modified my ad to say that I will consider a full-time roommate, even though I will give preference to someone who just needs a commuter room. Of course, I will charge more rent if someone wants to be here 7 days a week.

Today another guy came to take a look at the place. He's a summer intern at Adobe, which is a block away from my place. He only wants the room until the end of September. It might work out. I haven't decided yet. Earlier this evening a Filipina emailed me to inquire. I would seriously consider her, except for the fact that she's out of the area right now and wants me to commit to renting to her sight unseen. Ugh.

Anyway, I took Devon the Dog to the dogpark today. He had a good time. It wasn't too hot, and he got to play chase with a German short-haired pointer. After that dog left a boxer arrived, and the two of them played wrestling. I took Devon home when the other dog (which wasn't neutered yet) started getting a tad too aggressive. Slobberdog looked happy and tired. I swear sometimes he looks like he's smiling.

Tomorrow is hump day! Wheee! I can't wait to get through this week. The coming weekend is a 4-day weekend, because of 4th of July. My company also has Monday the 3rd as a holiday, which is great. My mom and I (along with the dog) are gonna head out to my brother's place in the outer provinces (AKA Sacramento) on Monday and spend the night there. Should be fun.

Oh... Mr. DuckMan... I think that *1144 was your personal code, because on a lark I tried to use it to get in your old building as Snorty and I were walking past. Didn't work. Invalid code, the keypad said. Boohoo.

Ok, I better get back to my schoolwork. Hasta la bye bye!