Saturday Morning

Looks like we're gonna get a respite from the heat today. Yippee! It's about 10:40 AM and it's 71 degrees outside. Yesterday around this time we were already into the low 80s. By around 3 in the afternoon it was in the mid-90s.

When it gets that hot I get sort of schizophrenic. On the one hand, I feel like going outside and basking in the bright sunshine. On the other hand, I just want to stay in my airconditioned cocoon and not do anything that might cause me to break into a sweat.

Weather like this, on the other hand, is perfect. The outside temperature makes me very comfortable. It's warm enough to wear shorts, but still cool enough so that I don't sweat like a pig the minute I venture outside. There are very few clouds high up, and the sky is mostly blue.

Famous Dogmous and I went to the dog park a little bit ago. I figured that I should let him get some playtime and exercise because I'm going to have to leave him home alone this afternoon. At the dog park, he played with a pit bull mix, a bulldog, and a rotweiller. All of the pooches had fun running around and wrestling with one another. We didn't stay for very long because I didn't want Snorty to get over-fatigued.

I have to leave the dog home alone this afternoon because I'm going to my aunt's house (in San Ramon, land of the scary clone army of pod people, living in identical nice houses and driving identical nice cars and drinking identical lattes from Starbucks). We're having my grandma's birthday party there today. One of my aunt's kids is allergic to dogs, so I can't bring the pooch with me.

I hope the temperature stays mild like this. It does tend to get quite a bit hotter in San Ramon compared to San Jose, because that suburb is in a valley far away from the natural airconditioning provided by the San Francisco Bay.

I don't think I'll stay too long, anyway. I have to go home and do some schoolwork, plus I have to tidy up a bit because one or two people who are interested in the room for rent might be coming over tomorow to take a peek.

Oh, I just remembered... I've got to go to Safeway to buy some sodas. That's my party-related task today. I'm Mr. Soda.