Saving and Eating

I've been on a saving kick recently. I normally spend quite a bit of money on food, because more often than not I eat out or buy precooked meals. So I figured that in order to save a little bit of money I should cook more. The problem is, I'm always either (a) too lazy or (b) pressed for time. The solution I came up with is to make BIG batches of certain dishes and freeze them in small, individually sealable containers. (Gladware containers are a serious contender for the "greatest thing since sliced bread" award.)

Recently I made some sinigang na baboy, which Bill unaffectionately calls "vomit soup". Hahaha. I guess he didn't like the sour taste, combined with the smell of patis (fish sauce). I absolutely love sinigang na baboy. I could eat it everyday. Well, maybe for only a few days straight. In an effort to make it a little (just a little) bit more healthful, I used pork shoulder instead of pork belly. The marbling is still there, but it's not as fat-laden as the belly. I also put some cubed onions, some tomatoes, string beans, and watercress (as a substitute for dahon ng sili). I used the Knorr instant sinigang mix for the broth.

Now, I have no idea if this is the actual, official list of ingredients for this dish, but it turned out really good anyway. And before you say that I forgot to add labanos (daikon radish), shut up. I hate labanos.

I also have ingredients for a huge batch of chicken adobo, which I'll make once the sinigang is gone.

And no, I don't eat or cook Filipino food exclusively, so I also bought ingredients for a huge batch of spaghetti sauce. I usually make spaghetti sauce by the barrel (hahaha) and just freeze it. Then when I have a hankering for it I just defrost the sauce and boil some spaghetti noodles. I forgot to buy some parmigiano reggiano, though. I guess the spaghetti will have to wait.

Ok, all this talk of food is making me hungry. Excuse me while I pig out on Ritz crackers and Philly cream cheese!