Single White Female

Remember that movie? Where Bridget Fonda takes out an ad for a roomie and ends up with the nutzoid, murderous roomie from hell, Jennifer Jason Leigh?

Anyway, I was thinking about that movie today, because I just placed an ad for a commuter roommate, seeing as how I never use the second bedroom anyway. So might as well make some money out of it, right?

What's a commuter roommate, you ask? Well, what I am looking for is someone who already has a home, but one that's probably far away from San Jose. Somebody, for example, who has a house in the Central Valley but commutes to San Jose each day for work. In other words, I only want a roommate who will be here during the week, but will be gone each and every weekend.

This arrangement is pretty common here in the Bay Area. Housing prices are astronomical, so a lot of people buy their homes out in the hinterlands, the external exurbs, as it were. The problem is that all of the high-paying jobs are here, so people have to contend with nightmarish commutes of 50, 60, or even 100 miles each way. Every. Single. Workday. Some people get smart and decide to save on gas, time, and the toll on their health by renting rooms in the Bay Area, where they could sleep during the week. Then on the weekend they go home to their families.

Anyway... Bill kept saying, "Haha... you're gonna get a psycho roomie." So now I can't stop thinking about that damned movie!

Nah, I think it'll work out. This weekend I'm gonna go over to the hardware store to buy a lockable doorknob for my bedroom, in preparation for having someone move in. I'm hoping to find someone who has a family in his main home, so that he'll be guaranteed to always go home every chance he gets. A few people have emailed to express interest, but no family guys yet. We'll see how it goes.

I just hope I don't get a Hedra Carlson.