Some of the things...

Your eyes, which run from a deep, cool blue to a beautiful gray.

When you lay down on my lap, eyes closed, relaxed, and let me stroke your face and blonde eyebrows.

Your eyelashes, so thick and close together.

The way you cross your socked feet together when you're typing away at the computer, and how your toes curl, making you seem like a content little boy.

Your voracious appetite for books and magazines to read.

How your nose crinkles and sucks in as you inhale deeply when you're feeling congested.

The way you look in your floppy tan fisherman's hat.

Because bees freak you out.

How your hands can look kind of small and feel so soft and yet be so strong.

The fact that your back is always ramrod straight when you're walking around.

When you put your hand on my knee whenever we share a happy or funny moment.

How you can curl up and look so vulnerable, like a sweet little boy, even though you're such a man.

Your incredible sense of whimsy, and how hyper you are.

The way you deal with strangers, like waitresses or salesclerks, and how you always have a smile and a little bit of smalltalk to offer them.

Because you're seemingly unaware that you have a nice singing voice.

How you're able to find a thousand and one different ways to play with the dog.

Your amazing ability to multitask and do everything that needs doing - how you can run errands, clean house, do laundry, iron, cook an amazing meal, AND get drunk all in one day.

The fact that you talk to your grammie regularly.

How you make me feel so content and safe when you hug me.