And the daily routine is disrupted again...

I have a roommate now. Nice enough guy - 23, college senior, straight, likes dogs, has a Filipina girlfriend. I'm just surprised that I'm already resenting his presence even though he just moved in. I'm wondering if I made a mistake by not looking specifically for a gay roommate. I dunno. Perhaps it's just because I've lived alone for so long that this change is very jarring for me.

Added to the fact that there's suddenly one more person living in my place is the fact that this person is essentially a stranger. I mean sure, I met with him a couple of times before asking him to move in and ran a background check on him, but in the end he is still a stranger.

Devon seems ambivalent about him. The dog alternates between following him around like a puppy and barking at him for no apparent reason. I guess I should trust Snorty's instincts and remember at all times that I am living with a person who's neither friend nor family. Keep my bedroom door locked when I'm not home, keep the computer locked, and all that stuff. I even configured my digital cable box to require a PIN when you try to order movies on-demand. LOL.

The funny thing is, I never felt this way when I lived with Wei and Allan (my former roommates in Sunnyvale). Maybe it's because we all moved in to that apartment at the same time, so none of us had any sense of "ownership" over the apartment. Now that somebody has moved in to my home, I do feel that sense of ownership, and consequently a sense of getting my space invaded. Oy. I just need to remember that the extra money would be very useful.

When Bill stayed here for a few days before leaving town, all I felt was good stuff. Whenever my brother and/or his girlfriend stay here for the weekend when they're in town from the outer provinces, I don't feel invaded. But of course these situations are different from having a new roommate.

Still.... ugh... Why, oh why didn't I win the Lotto $110 million jackpot yesterday???