Blah day...

Nothing too special happened today...

I came in to work pretty early (9:00 AM on the dot) because I thought I had to attend a customer meeting. It turns out that I didn't have to, after all. Needless to say I was pissed. But Ryan the Customer Relationship Manager, who was the one who asked me to come in at 9:00, made it up to me by giving me a huge cheese danish.

Ran around like a headless chicken, in a manner of speaking, all day because one of our biggest customers kept calling me and asking me to do stuff for them all over their network.

Noticed a whole boatload of 12-ounce Coke bottles in the big conference room. They were left over from the big customer meeting that I didn't need to attend. So I stole four and brought them home with me.

Got email from this company that I blew off the last time I was looking for a job. They contacted me about a new position. I guess they don't maintain a blacklist. LOL.

Took Devon the Dog to the dog park after work. This huge malamute-wolf-akita mix was there, as always, being friendly with people and generally ignoring other dogs. Then this ugly little pitbull started trying to hump Devon, at which point the big wolf-dog intervened and started growling at the pitbull. Hahaha. Snorty has a protector!

Was watching TV on the couch when I looked over at Snorty and started laughing. He was laying in the corner by the front door. His body was contorted in such a weird position, half on his back, hind legs up in the air and against the wall, upper body twisted like a mangled piece of metal, and front legs pointed straight out to the side. All the while he had his tongue out and was looking at me as if to say, "Look what I can do, Daddy!"

Hahahaha. Such a cutie. It was as if someone had picked him up and thrown him violently into the corner, his body ending up in a broken heap. Too funny. I wish I had my camera with me at that exact moment.

Ok, it's 10:00 PM. I just got done watching three episodes of CSI back-to-back. Time for bed.

Auf wiedersehen!