A break in the case!!!

Remember the case of the disappearing fish? Well, last night I had a break in the case!

My new roommate was asking me about the fish tank, so I turned on the tank light as I was telling him about how once upon a time there were three fish, and how two mysteriously disappeared, then how Bill gave the tank to me and how I bought three new fish, all of which have since disappeared into thin air.

As I was telling him this, I noticed a dead fish carcass sort of hovering over the pebble floor of the tank! It looked like it was half-eaten. Aha! Elementary, my dear Watson! The fish that disappeared were eaten! The question is, by whom? Elmer the fish, or Harvey the frog? (Er... is that what I named them? LOL) And where, pray tell, are the other two fish?

Murder! Murder most foul!

Well, at least it turns out that the tank isn't haunted, after all...