The Haunted Fish Tank...

... or The Case of the Amazing Disappearing Fish

When he left, Bill entrusted me with his small fish tank. The tank contained one tiny fish and one tiny frog. Once upon a time there were two frogs, but one died. Once upon a time there was more than one fish, however all but one of them just disappeared into thin air. Er.. thin water.

Bill thought that maybe the frog ate the fish. We operated on that theory. But we couldn't answer why the frog left the last remaining fish alone. Maybe he wanted a companion so he wouldn't feel lonely?

Anyway, a couple of weeks after Bill left I went to the pet store and bought three new fish to keep the lonely one company. So for a time there were four fish and one frog in the tank.

Yesterday, I cleaned the fish tank. I took out all five animals with the little net and placed them in a bowl of water while I emptied the tank, wiped down the sides free of gunk, and rinsed the rocks at the bottom. After doing this, I refilled the tank and put all five critters back inside.

This morning, as I put some fish and frog food in the tank, I noticed that I only had two fish and one frog. Two of the fish had disappeared! The frog didn't look abnormally fat, and there were no dead bodies floating on the surface.

Which leads me to the conclusion that the tank is haunted.