Now pouring, 9 July 2006

Hello again. Monkeyboy the sommelier here. Tonight we are having a Clos la Chance Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon, 2003. I opened a bottle earlier because I made some spaghetti sauce, and I often like to pour a cup of red wine into the sauce to add a little bit of complexity to it.

Since I only used a cup in cooking, I must drink the rest.

The wine is pretty sedate as far as Napa cabs go. It's mildly tannic, not very oaky, and has a nice bit of fruit on the finish. As far as the nose, I can't really "detect" anything besides alcohol. It doesn't have the earthy or oaky overtones typically found in the more expensive, "prestige" cabernets like Cakebread or Chateau Montelena.

This wine is definitely not for chugging. Instead, it should be enjoyed slowly, one long sip at a time. Have it while working on the computer (as I am now), or while enjoying a leisurely soak in a warm bath, or while hanging out on the deck to enjoy a nice evening. (Too bad I can't do that, either, because (a) I don't have a deck chair and (b) my freaking window to the deck isn't working right.)

Apologies for not having an original picture to accompany the post, by the way. As I said in my earlier post, I have no energy tonight. So I was too lazy to bring out my camera, set up the shot, take the picture, edit it, and upload it. Also, you'll notice that the pic says "Central Coast". Ignore that. The wine I am talking about is from Napa Valley.