Day Trip

Early this afternoon I had to drive from the office to Palo Alto. One of our customers - a local yet world-famous billionaire who shall remain nameless - was in a rush to get his $8,000 a month ultra-high-speed Internet connection up and running. So of course our management was in a tizzy, and I had to go to a data center in Palo Alto to do a hardware upgrade on one of our routers to accommodate Mr. BigBucks. Mind you, this super-expensive Internet connection is for his house, not his office! Must be nice to have 10 zeroes in your net worth, huh?

Eh. At least it got me out of the office early.

After doing the work, I walked around University Avenue for a bit. I saw this new store called Satura Cakes. It looked really, really nice so I went inside. Everything on display looked fantastic, and I ended up buying three things because my mouth started to water.

The packaging was pretty nice:

After buying my treats I went to Taxi to get a bacon cheeseburger and a chocolate malt. While waiting for my order, I was looking out the window. Outside I saw a middle-aged white woman with a weathered face and worn-down shoes. She stopped by one of the outdoor tables that hadn't been cleaned yet. Then, to my surprise, she started picking at the leftovers and started eating the french fries that were left there by the last diner. I was shocked because she didn't look like a bum. Her jeans were off-white and clean, her blouse was clean, and her hair wasn't matted or disheveled.

It's really weird seeing things like that. In Palo Alto, one of the wealthiest cities in one of the wealthiest metroplexes in the richest country on earth, you see a clean and decent-looking woman eating somebody else's leftover food. Kind of sad, really.

Went home and walked the dog, had the last of the Foley wine, and did my homework. After watching a bit of TV, I decided to taste one of the three treats I bought. The cakeshop called it "Mont Blanc". I don't exactly know what it's made of, but it is out-of-this-world delicious! I can't wait to taste the other two!

Clockwise from the bottom: banana-nut caramel bar, cream puff, Mont Blanc.

Ok, it's past 11. Time for bed.