... or "Scenes from Our Nighttime Walk"

A homeless man, obviously insane, standing next to a metal light pole and rubbing something metallic against it. Nonstop.

A car turned completely on its side at the off-ramp from Highway 87 to Park Avenue. Ahead of the car is a tow truck. Behind it, a police car. Behind the police car, roadside warning flares.

A fat (very fat) lady being dragged along the sidewalk by four hyperactive pugs that she is walking. Or, more accurately, four hyperactive pugs that are walking her.

A cat sitting on a stoop, which runs away the instant it sees Snorty McDoggelsson.

A shiny nickel laying on the roadway, about a foot away from the sidewalk. I don't pick it up.

A lowrider driving slowly, music blaring, full of gangster-looking Hispanic youth.

A police car stopped in front of my building. The cop is inside, typing away at his MCT.

Dog poop on the sidewalk. Damned trailer park trash.