Now Pouring, 5 August 2006

Good evening. MonkeyBoy the sommelier here. Ooops. I almost forgot that I've just been christened as AstroMonkey. But anyway...

Tonight we are pouring a Foley Santa Rita Hills pinot noir, 2003. It was given to me by Bill when I recently visited him in Florida. He discovered this wine over there, which is a bit ironic since it's from California. It's one of the few readily-available wines that he's found out there, and he wanted to know what I thought of it.

It has quite a bit of alcohol-y and earthy aromas. When you put the wine glass to your nose and breathe it in, you don't get a lot of fruit scents.

The color is medium-light, typical of a pinot noir. Just going by color alone you would think that it is a fairly mellow wine, and you would be right.

On the palate, it is soft and smooth, with a peppery bite. As expected, it is not fruit-forward at all. It has a nice flavor, though. I can't really identify any individual tastes besides the pepperiness. The finish is fairly long and pleasant, and makes you want to take more sips.

It's decent. Probably not something I would seek out on a regular basis, but definitely a good wine for drinking while you relax at home on a quiet evening. It's also good enough to bring to a friend's house for a party or as a gift.

Until next time, this is AstroMonkey saying, "WINE! WINE! MORE WINE!"