Random bits, 26 August 2006

  • Yesterday afternoon, before I went back to work for that god-awful late-night maintenance window, I got a call from one of my oldest friends, Glenn. He and I grew up together on the same street, and we've known each other since we were four years old.

    We hadn't had contact in over 16 years. Recently, he somehow reconnected with my brother on Friendster, and my brother gave Glenn my number. He's in London now, working as an assistant chef at a fine dining restaurant.

    It was really cool to hear from him again. We talked about the old neighborhood and the people who lived there, what I've been up to, what he's been up to, etc. He offered to be my tour guide if I ever make it out to England for a visit. Fun fun fun.

  • One of my neighbors invited me to her birthday party at some karaoke dive bar. She also owns a dog, an Australian Shepherd named "Smarter", and we see each other at the dog park several times a week. I was actually thinking of going, but unfortunately the party was last night, same time as my freakin' maintenance window.

  • Bill is so cool. He sent me a package, which I got yesterday. It was filled with little things for me and some organic treats for the dog. He also sent a card with the cutest picture (an extreme closeup of a dog's face). Funny how he always manages to get me cool stuff which, though not expensive, never fail to bring a smile to my face. It's a gift, this ability to figure out just what somebody would appreciate. I'm not exactly sure I have that gift.

  • Tomorrow I might go to San Francisco with my friend Tim to check out the Titanic exhibit at the Metreon. They've been advertising it on the radio for a couple of months now and I've been wanting to go. Supposedly they have actual pieces of Titanic's hull, as well as artifacts from the ship, and reproductions of the staterooms and such. Should be cool.

  • My dad keeps sending me these text messages. They're poems by Pablo Neruda, which my dad translated to Tagalog. I can hardly understand a single line. Oy. He'd be so disappointed in me. Then again, he was genuinely surprised to find out that I still spoke Tagalog when I visited him four years ago...

  • A fishtank update is overdue. We're back to the original one fish and one frog. Maybe there's a conspiracy, and Elmer and Hugo are working together to kill all newcomers. I dunno. New fish only seem to last about three weeks at the most. Hugo the frog does seem suspiciously fat...

  • I'm talking to Bill on the phone right now. He's watching Planet of the Apes while he's ironing his clothes. And he's making fun of me. Says the female ape reminds him of me. Get it? I'm monkeyboy. He's watching apes. Get it? He's mean!

  • Last year we had delicious sweet corn to eat almost year-round, because at the height of California corn season Bill bought a crapload of 'em and cooked 'em all in my giant stockpot. He sliced the kernels off their cobs, seasoned them with salt and pepper, and put them in freezer bags with a pat of butter each. So all year we had corn, from freezer through microwave to table in under 10 minutes. He just reminded me to buy some soon and stock up. And I think I will! That corn was so good!

  • I'm still anxiously waiting for the new L&L Hawaiian Barbecue to open its new location near here. Every so often I will go out there while walking Sheddy, but every single time all I see is an "opening soon" sign and chairs stacked up against the wall inside. Damn it! I want my island short ribs and my kahlua pig!!!

  • I'm sleepy.