A whole lotta nuthin'

Not a whole lot happened today... just another mundane Wednesday in Silicon Valley.

I arrived at work a little past 9:00 AM today. As soon as I plugged my laptop into the docking station and logged in, I went to the deli in the office building nextdoor to get a bacon and tomato (yep, no lettuce) sandwich. Before I even told the nice Korean lady what my order was, she had already started to prepare the BT for me. Hmmm... does that mean I order it far too often? Maybe I should switch to something a little bit more healthful, like a garden salad. HA! Fat chance.

Work was okay. I had a fairly busy morning, so it went by quickly. Went to lunch with mom. We stopped at my place to let Devon pee real quick and then went and had some Pinoy food at Goldilocks. I had inihaw na baboy (grilled pork), a vegetable stew, and rice. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the veggies more than I did the pork. After lunch, Mom wanted to stop at Fry's Electronics but I asked her to take me back to my office instead.

After work, I relaxed a little bit and watched a Dawson's Creek rerun while I ate leftover pizza for dinner. After dinner I took Snorty out to the dog park. Snorty's buddy Crash was there, so he had fun. Crash is this cute little black mutt with ears bigger than his head. He and Devon love to chase each other round and round and wrestle till they're both covered in dust. Crash's owner is this very nice lady, who's overweight and has a voice that you can hear from two blocks away. "Crashyyyyyy! Crashyyyy! Where's my puppyyyyyyy! Come here, Craaaaaaash!!!"

While I was at the park Bill was texting me random things, like "heterodyne", and "synesthesia", and "sucking the youth out of little brown children".

Now I'm home again, and hungry. I think I'll have the last of the pluots.

Still trying to find a new job. I may have some good leads. Then again I may not. I DO have some leads, though. I think I'll refrain from talking about any specifics until I actually land a new job.


Other random stuff:
  • I finally got my Microsoft antitrust settlement today! After 2 or 3 years! Or is it 4 years? Anyway, I'm getting $82 from the evil empire. Bill is getting $71.
  • My friend Chris said he cashed in the last of his stock options from his old job and that he has enough for a big downpayment on a BMW 650i Convertibe. Bitch. I get to exercise some options tomorrow, and after taxes and fees I will have enough to buy a new pair of running shoes. Heheheh.
  • Two new hits on this blog from people googling Raffy Ladao. Hahaha. Like clockwork, I tell ya.
  • This lady who lives near here, who in the span of two months had one dog die from a car accident and lost the other dog to thieves, got a new one recently. I saw them in their front yard as I was walking Devon. The new dog is a pit bull and sharpei mix. It's sooo friggin' ugly, that it's actually cute. The head is wrinkled like a sharpei's, and it's about 1/3 the size of the rest of the body. LOL.
  • I have my PG&E bill. I'm too scared to open it.
...and the beat goes on...