Why wasn't I at this casino???

CNN.com - Slot machine: Here's $200, come again - Aug 4, 2006:

BRIDGEPORT, Indiana (AP) -- Gamblers raked in nearly half a million dollars over two days on a slot machine that multiplied by 10 the amount of money that players put in, then paid out vouchers without playing, a newspaper reported.

Caesars Indiana lost $487,000 before a player notified officials of the problem with the machine, The Courier-Journal of Louisville, Kentucky, reported Friday.

Kathryn Ford of Louisville realized something was wrong July 23 when she and her husband sat down at two of the machines, called Extra Money.

When she put in a $20 bill the machine registered it as $200. She tried another $20 bill and the same thing happened, she said.

Ford said she put eight $20 bills in the machine and received vouchers that could be redeemed for $1,600 in cash -- without even playing.

Other gamblers noticed.

'There was even a young woman who jumped in while I was sitting there. She ... reached across me, popped a hundred in, popped out a thousand, and then she took off,' Ford said.

Ford and her husband reported the problem to a security officer.

Casino officials determined the machine had a switch set for use in the Philippines, instead of the United States, instructing it to multiply credits by 10.

Uhm... why is the multiplier 10? Shouldn't it be 50? Or in that neighborhood? The exchage rate is around PHP 52 to USD 1, right? Gamblers of the Philippines! You're being cheated by your casinos! LOL