Halloween tomorrow. I have to remember to get some candy on the way home, just in case there are trick-or-treaters.

Devon did fine today. The webcam stayed on all day. I checked on him periodically. All he does is sleep when he's crated. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Sit up, turn around, sleep, sleep, sleep. Which is good, because he needs as much quiet time as possible.

The day after tomorrow the first two of my "recruits" start work. Chris is from my previous job while Dominic is from the job before that. I think I should ask my boss for my money now, dontcha think?

The Weeds season finale was pretty good. I can't wait for next season!!! If you don't get Showtime, buy or rent the DVDs! It's a great show!

Oh... one last thing...

Bill is an evil, evil man.