The Happy Ending

Haha looky looky what I picked up this evening from FedEx:

Thank you Duckman!!!

I'm gonna start pigging out on them tomorrow.

Work was okay. I spent most of the day creating network diagrams. My eyes started hurting from staring at too many tiny icons and text labels. Went home for lunch to check on the dog, but stupidly forgot to bring home food for myself. Good thing I had leftover pizza from last night.

After work I went out to dinner with two of my new coworkers - one Vietnamese and one Belgian. We went to a Japanese restaurant for some sushi. Well, they had sushi while I had sukiyaki. And sushi. LOL. Hamachi! I love hamachi. While we were having dinner I thought, "Only in America could something like this happen. Filipino, Vietnamese, and Belgian having dinner at a Japanese restaurant that's located in a predominantly Chinese strip mall, five minutes away from the Mexican part of town." Kinda cool, if you think about it.

Four of my "recommendees" hired so far. Woohoo! Three to go...