Valrhona Purloined

While I was at work yesterday, I received a text message from Bill, telling me that I will have a package waiting for me at home. He had gotten me something in advance of my birthday. Wouldn't tell me what it was, of course. He just said I could open it as soon as I got home.

So I spent all day wondering what he got me and looking forward to getting home. But when I got there, the package was nowhere to be found. I looked for it at both doorways, and inside the apartment. I thought maybe my roommate had signed for it and brought it inside. Nada.

So I called Bill and told him there was no package. He checked the FedEx tracking info and it said that the driver had left it at the front door because there was nobody there to sign for it. Whhhaaaaatt??? Are they freakin' kidding? What kind of an idiot was that driver, thinking that it was okay to leave a package outside my door? I live in a downtown area, and my apartment faces a busy street! Any package would have been in full view of every pedestrian walking by, and any driver going slowly enough for that matter. Stupid dumbass.

Needless to say, Bill and I concluded that the package had been stolen. He was pissed. He was still fuming over it by last night. I was pissed, too. It's unbelievable how stupid that driver was. I mean hello?? A little common sense, please? Chalk it up to a combination of idiocy and laziness. Ugh!

Bill decided to spoil the surprise by telling me what he had sent. It was a box full of Valrhona chocolates! Le Noir bars (yum), and two tins of other types of chocolate that I've never had before. Grrrrrrr! I bet some homeless guy is pigging out on my chocolates right now, under a bridge somewhere nearby, and washing it down with cheap malt liquor or gin.

The happy development is that Bill called the seller and they agreed to ship out a new box at their expense. After all, they're the ones that had authorized FedEx (by default) to leave packages at front doors even without a signature. Wondering why I'm mad at FedEx instead of the seller? Well... that authorization notwithstanding, the moron driver should still have used his common sense and figured out that he should not leave packages sitting outside front doors here. It's just way too likely that the package would get stolen. Anyway, the new shipment will be "signature required". Hopefully stupid dumb idiot FedEx driver follows the shipping rules.

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What the hell has wacko Tom Cruise done to Katie Holmes? I was channel surfing earlier and I saw the opening credits of Dawson's Creek (the final season). Katie was so beautiful then. Slim, tall, and with a face that combined doe-eyed innocence, intelligence, and intensity. Now she's fat, looks clinically depressed, and is into that Scientology babble bullshit. Poor Joey Potter!

Thank goodness Joshua Jackson, AKA Pacey Whitter, is still as incredibly charming and handsome as ever. LOL.

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The last of the people I referred to my new manager will be interviewed tomorrow. They have hired three out of seven so far. They said they will make a decision on who else to hire after they finish interviewing all four of the remaining applicants. I hope they hire all of them, or at least two more. That will give me enough money to buy a new bed. Hahahaha.

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I was contacted today via Yahoo Messenger by a guy I used to work with (at the company I just left to take this new job). He's one of the company's network engineers, but he's based in India. He told me that the company has offered to transfer him to San Jose (to replace me), and he was wondering how much money to ask for in terms of salary. I told him what the average network engineer salary for the San Jose area and he freaked! He couldn't believe the difference in pay between San Jose and New Delhi! LOL. But when I told him how much it cost to rent here - nevermind buying - he calmed down.

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Ok, it's 10 PM. I told myself I was gonna sleep early tonight. Time for Devon's final pee of the night, then it's snoozy time!