Finally got around to seeing Casino Royale today. I'm too lazy to write a review. Suffice it to say that the movie was very good. It was a departure from the other Bond movies. The new 007 is a lot more rugged, has more of a menacing air about him, and is more human than any of the others.

Definitely a better Bond than Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan. (We won't even talk about Timothy Dalton, who was a piece of crap.) I'm still undecided as to whether he's better than Sean Connery.

No Q, no Moneypenny, almost no fantastic gadgets. But yeah, it was very good.

Oh, and Daniel Craig as James Bond? Acting-wise: very good. Looks wise: kinda ugly in the face, with big handlebar ears... but in spite of that....

Hot. Very hot.