Homebound Saturday

It rained off and on today, so I just stayed at home all day and did...


... not very much at all.

I woke up before 9 AM and putzed around, trying to decide if I should do laundry today. Then Bill texted me to say I should go to IHOP for breakfast. I thought about it for a while but decided against it.

Cooked some chicken adobo starting late morning. My passive-aggressive self was smiling as the apartment filled with the smell of vinegar and garlic. I was hoping that my roommate wouldn't like the smell. It was my way of getting back at him for bringing some horribly smelly fish dish yesterday evening and stinking up my entire kitchen. Unfortunately it didn't work, because when he came out of his bedroom he said, "Smells good! What're you making?"

I was stirring the pot of adobo so he came up behind me to take a look and said, "Oh, you're making adobo. Nice." Then he opened up the fridge and said, "Argh, I have no food." (Nice segue, huh?).

Stone cold silence from me.

Roomie: "I guess I'll have to walk to the Mexican place to get a burrito, then."

Me: "Cool, have a good one."

Hahaha. Like I would give him any of my food. Fat chance. I am just counting the days with glee, looking forward to when he finally moves out at the end of this month, so Snorty McDoggelsson and I can have space and privacy.

Looks like resume referral #8 won't get hired by my new company. Apparently they're looking for a much more senior guy and my friend just doesn't measure up. Oh, well. I didn't think he would, anyway. So I guess I'll say goodbye to that $500 bonus.

My dad emailed me again asking if I could get him a used laptop. I could, and I want to. I have two laptops now (the one I'm typing this post on plus another one I never use), and I'm planning to get a new one (to replace this one) sometime soon. The problem is, I have no idea how to send him one (a) economically and (b) safely. If I send it via international parcel I'm sure it will get stolen by thieves in the Philippine postal system. FedEx is too expensive. My cousin suggested that I check LBC and JohnnyAir, so I guess I'll do that sometime soon.

Oh, here's a picture of my "patient", the recuperating Sheddy von Stinkelstein:

And here's a picture of the Bay Bridge, taken from along King Street. I've always wanted to take a picture from that location, and I finally did when Bill was here last for a visit. We were walking from the Ferry Building to the ballpark to see the Giants lose yet again.

(both pics taken with my cell phone)

Tomorrow I think I'll do laundry, pay some bills, iron clothes for work, and scrub my bathtub. If I don't feel too lazy I'll go to Target to buy some household necessities. I'm running out of paper towels (must be Bounty select-a-size) and toilet paper (must be Kleenex Cottonelle Ultra). I should also get some bleach and something to make my laminate wood floors shiny. They're getting a little bit worse for wear.

Still haven't finished reading Running with Scissors, which means I can't go see the movie yet.

Ok, time to hop in bed and read!