Ring Ring

I got a nice surprise this evening. My phone rang as I was doing some schoolwork. It was my friend Winnie, calling from Sydney.

She called to give me an update about her latest trip back to Manila, and gossip about our friends with whom she met up while she was there. It was nice hearing from her. We laughed about our friends' antics and idiosyncrasies and got caught up on what each of us has been up to lately.

I told her that she should fly back to Manila for our high school reunion next year, because I'm planning to go. I haven't seen Winnie in 5 years. The last time we spent time together was when I flew out to Australia to visit her a couple of weeks after 9/11.

I told her I was thinking about asking Bill to come with me to Manila when I attend the reunion. But then we figured out it's probably not a very good idea because he'll just be bored out of his mind. It's a very difficult group to "get", our high school class. We're all pretty much insane, and if an outsider is thrust in the middle of a get-together, he'll just be confused as hell. Besides that, Winnie said she would feel bad if people started talking in Tagalog in front of Bill, so she'll take it upon herself to keep talking to him. Hahaha. I wonder how they'd communicate. Winnie has an Aussie accent now, and Bill talks reallyreallyfast. LOL.

Anywho... earlier this evening there was a bit of excitement here. Firetrucks came with sires blaring and lights flashing. One firetruck parked on each side of my building. I came out to see if there was a fire or something. The alarms in the building weren't going off, so I wasn't sure what was going on. But before I could get a chance to ask one of the firefighters what was up, they started to pack up and leave. Must've been a false alarm...