Day before Thanksgiving.

It was a relaxed day at work for the most part. In the morning we had training sessions, which were boring but not too bad. I thought that the cafeteria was going to be closed today, but thankfully it was open. I had carnitas from the Mexican station. The meat was a bit too salty, so I didn't like it very much.

Spent the afternoon down in the lab, setting up network equipment that the newbies can use for training. Also spent part of the time looking at camera lenses online with a couple of coworkers. People started drifting out of the office by around 3 PM, but I had some stuff to finish so I stayed until 4:30.

Stopped at Zanotto's to get some grub for tomorrow. An aunt who lives in Sacramento is hosting the clan's Thanksgiving this year. I thought that my entire tribe was gonna trek out there, so I got me some good food so I wouldn't feel sorry for myself. I can't go to Sacramento because DevonDog is still not supposed to have any stress or excitement, so I have to stay with him here. Anyway, I got a couple of nice New York strip steaks (as you may have guessed, I'm not a big fan of turkey), some green bean casserole, cornbread and cranberry stuffing, a sweet potato pie, and some barbecued pork spare ribs. I should have a nice feast tomorrow.

After I got home one of my other aunts called me to say that she and her family will be staying here in San Jose tomorrow. So I guess I'll have a place to go after all. It's cool - this aunt's a very good cook. I think I'll have one of my steaks tomorrow for lunch, and I'll have dinner at my aunt's house. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow, because I have to open all the windows when I cook steak. Searing meat at very high temperatures generates A LOT of smoke, and my stupid range hood does not vent outside. It simply sucks in the air over the stove, moved it through carbon filters, and spits it right back out. I hate recirculating range hoods!

Spent some time talking with my cousin in New York. Also spent some time talking with Bill. He made me laugh by singing this silly little turkey song to me. Something by Adam Sandler, I guess.

The rest of the evening was spent lounging in front of the TV with Sheddy von Stinkelstein.

Time to read my book. Hasta.