Good day at work today. I came in early to sit in on our teams first Implementation Review call, just to get a feel for what it's like. Got some french toast and bacon from the cafeteria for breakfast. Later in the morning, got introduced to a visiting Project Manager from our Brussels office. Super cute. As in movie star cute. LOL.

The boss bought everyone pizza for lunch. We all got together in a conference room and pigged out.

Spent most of the afternoon finishing a couple of Visio diagrams that I have to turn in by close of business tomorrow. The rest of the time I just chatted with my coworkers about stupid stuff.

Got stuck in traffic (horrible, horrible traffic) on the way to the pet hospital. It took me an hour to get from my office to the petpital. Ugh. But it's okay, because...

BabyDog's home!!! He got through his second round of heartworm injections just fine. They said he ate like a champ, and showed no signs of cardiorespiratory distress, anaphylaxis, or gastric distress. Before they discharged him they tested again for heartworm. Both tests (one for baby worms, one for adults) came back negative! Although, for the adult test, it's possible to have a negative test if all the adults are males.

So we have another month of total exercise restriction. He is due to see the vet again for a follow-up check in the first week of January. If all tests come back good at that time, he will be cleared for normal activity.

It's pretty cold again tonight. Right now it's 45 degrees (7 Celsius) outside. I guess I should wear a sweater when I take Sheddy out to poo...