It's Aliiiiive!

Yes, it is.

Er, yes, I am.

Been a hectic few months. I've been neglecting this blog for so long. Bill has been giving me static about it. He says I should either start posting again or just delete the whole thing. Hahaha.

So what's been keeping me away? Lots of things, I guess...

- Busy (super busy) with work.
- Busy with school.
- Busy dealing with a family crisis (which I won't get into just yet).
- Busy having a blast now that Bill is back in San Jose.

I guess a short update is in order...

My friends in Manila have been trying to contact me over the past couple of weeks. I've been really bad about getting back to them. I plan on replying to their emails tonight.

Came out to a couple of people at work. Well, I came out to one of them on purpose and another one flat out asked me about it, so I just said yes. A bunch of us from the office were out one evening having drinks and dinner, and our boss (who had quite a bit of alcohol in his system) started asking everyone if they were into older women. I thought I played it cool by just smiling, laughing, and drinking my wine. But I forgot that the one and only girl in the group was completely sober, and she caught on to the fact that I was being evasive. As she was driving me home (I had had too much to drink, too), she told me, "You forget that I was the only sober person in the group, so I was watching all of you." Hahaha. Busted! No biggie.

I really like the people I work with now. And I don't think I'd have a problem being out here in the office, except for maybe a few people. Eh. We'll see.

Oh, speaking of busted... Bill caught on to the fact that I've been smoking again. I thought I was being super sly about it... stealthy like ninja and all... but apparently he has a canine sense of smell. I've only been smoking at work, but he smelled it on my clothes. I had restarted while he was away, after I got the news about my family crisis. *sigh* I guess I have to quit again. It's gonna be difficult...

More to come later. I've gotta get back on this treadmill called work.