Memento Mori

Do you like getting reminded of your age?

Come this Friday, I'll have received yet another unmistakable sign that I am getting ever older.

My younger brother is getting married. He and his fiancee are going to have a civil wedding at San Jose City Hall, and they have asked me to be the one and only witness. They decided to just do it in order to short-circuit the meddling of family members. Everyone has an opinion about how the wedding should be, so my brother and his fiancee decided to just do it without telling anyone (but me). Sort of like their big Escape from Alcatraz moment. Hahaha. Good for them.

Someone asked me recently if I ever had plans of getting married. I'm all, "Ask me that question again when I actually can."

Off tomorrow and Friday, though I have to swing by the office for a little bit tomorrow in order to turn in my expense report on time. I'm gonna get totally doped up on Robitussin cough suppressant!