Sudden Urges

Thursday evening.

We're in front of the TV. Bill and I are on the couch and Snorty McDoggelsson is curled up between us. The Office is on. In the show, the characters are all offsite for "beach day", on the shore of some lake in Pennsylvania. One of them is eating a sandwich.

I get this sudden, very intense craving for a sandwich of my own. PB&J! So I walk over to the kitchen to make one. We only have chunky peanut butter, but it'll do. Then I stare at the fridge. We have so many different kinds of jelly and jam. What to do? Which to pick? I decide on guava jelly, which I got from a Hawaiian store. It is sickeningly sweet, but the sandwich is good. Very good. So good that I had another one right after scarfing down the last bit of the first.

Praise PB&J!