Farmers' Markets.

One of the best things about living in the Bay Area is the great number of them in all nine counties. Here in Silicon Valley, we have quite a few that are open one day a week year-round. In summertime, the number of markets swells, and even more neighborhoods get their own once-a-week treats.

I went to Sunnyvale's earlier, after getting a haircut. My problem is that I always want to buy a little bit of almost everything, but I was a good boy this time around.

Our loot:
  • organic red onions
  • organic white onions
  • white nectarines (incredibly sweet)
  • white peaches
  • smoked duck breast
  • duck and peppercorn mousse (I wanted foie gras mousse but they were out)
  • blackberries (a little bit tart, but very plump and juicy)
  • chicken and garlic sausages (incredibly good, highly addictive)
What's all this food for, you ask?

Bill has already used some of the red onions and smoked duck breast to make pizza, along with some manchego cheese. The blackberry samples at the market were very sweet, but the ones I got weren't. So I turned them into jam when I got home. I'm going to make a cobbler or crumble with the peaches. The mousse will be for me and me alone, to enjoy with crackers and maybe some sauvignon blanc. The sausages and nectarines are for munching.

Yum. It's no wonder I'm fat.

Disclaimer: The wine and Manila mangoes were from Whole Foods.