I Like It Just So

Earlier today I washed the outer case of Devon's bed. It was dirty, stinky, and full of hair. The great thing about these LL Bean dog beds is that they come with washable covers and waterproof inner casings, so owners don't have to put up with years' worth of dog funk.

Anyway, for most of the afternoon Devon walked around wondering what I had done to it, looking none too pleased when he saw the cushion and bolster laying "naked" on the floor. Even after the bed case finished drying, I just left it strewn on my bedroom floor because I too lazy to work on it.

I finally put his bed back together a short while ago, after which I sat down at my computer.

Devon comes in my room, looks at his now-clean, now-strange-smelling bed, and looks at me. He just stares. Then he gets on his bed and proceeds to spin 'round and 'round. Legs flailing, face intently staring at the bed, body flexing, stretching, and flexing again. He stops for a while, stares at me again, and then starts spinning on his bed.

He hears me chuckling and sees me watching him, so he stops. Then he starts up. Again. And again, for well over five minutes.

Finally, he had the bed just the way he liked it. He promptly plopped down and fell fast asleep.

I swear sometimes that he, Mr. Snorty McDoggelsson Sheddy von Stinkelstein, has OCD. Oh, and he snores.